Features and Benefits

However you begin a career in Marketing, purposefully or accidentally, this is the first lesson they should be teaching you: The difference between a feature and a benefit. It’s a difficult lesson and, like languages, the older you are, the harder it is to learn. Once you see the light it’s like riding a bike; you can’t unlearn it and you can’t imagine how you ever had trouble with it.


Typepad Goes "Boom"

I had a whole article composed in my head about the Heroic Recovery and how valuable it is to building customer loyalty. Mostly because I haven't written anything serious in a long time. I had a couple of examples from my own experiences, and I was going to link to Phil's post about TypePad. It was all very brilliant.

The thing with the heroic recovery is, you have to actually recover. And TypePad messed-up that part.

TypePad users (Phil and Allan) may be interested in this interview with one of SixApart's VPs.

I'm going to re-think that article. Perhaps I'll replace it with "Copy That I Wish I'd Written" because I have a boat-load of those laying around, too.

Identify Your Competition

Peach_1 I've noticed a few things about Rexall lately.  The most obvious is that they're really pushing the Rexall name.  If you don't live out west, you may never have heard of Rexall but Easterners will know their other pharmacy brands:  IDA, Guardian and Pharma Plus. 

Rexall has begun promoting them all under the Rexall name.  They're also pushing the Rexall name front and centre in their hometown of Edmonton and also in Toronto.

The other thing I've noticed is how brilliant their recent print and TV campaign is. The line of copy that goes with the peach pictured above is:

Buying something to take your temperature at the same place you buy groceries?


Lazy Copywriters

Not everything that I write in here will be about Advertising and Marketing, I promise. But sometimes I see half-assed work that just makes me angry.


Sales, Marketing and Human Nature

35b_1 Anyone who frequents Williams Sonoma knows that they rotate their "spotlights".  Every month or so a new set of products is grouped together at the front of the store.  Holidays are the obvious suspects, as is barbeque season. 

About 18 months ago I was in the Bloor Street store, here in Toronto, and it was pancakes, pancakes, pancakes.  There were fancy pans, and expensive mixes (not to mention expensive mixers).  There were pancake moulds, and there were pancake toppings.  Which brings us to the maple syrup.


H&M's Missed Opportunity

After declaring their intentions to stick with Kate Moss despite the recent cocaine furor, someone at H&M (the legal dept.) has had a change of heart. The quote: "...a campaign with Kate Moss is not consistent with H&M's clear disassociation from drugs."