A Concerned Citizen

You know – the Internet is annoying.  I’ve been trying to hunt down an old comic that I loved for this article. But the Internet just won’t sit still.

Anyway – onward…

Web-based comics are a big deal, but I’ve never really been that into them.  Not for any reason, just that I’ve never encountered any that hooked me.  With two exceptions, and they both have something in common; they both contain references to Gordon Freeman.  He played a cameo in one, before we all finally got to meet him.  He has yet to appear in the second one, but they’ve heard of him there.


An Open Letter to Raven and Id Software

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Subject: Lack of Female Models in Quake 4

Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 19:34:47 -0400

From: Kate D----- <>



I have been a customer of Raven and Id Software for longer than I care to remember.  I've purchased all Heretics, Hexens, Dooms and Quakes, and I've played most of them into the ground.

I love your work, and I have loved it for years.

So I was very disappointed today when I setup my multi-player options for Quake 4.  We are half-way through the first decade of the 21st Century and Raven Software have decided to take us back in time to the mid-90s.

Why are there no female multiplayer models in Quake 4?  There must be a reason.  It can't possibly be an oversight, can it?

Males aged whatever to whatever (Mature rating notwithstanding) may be your largest audience.  But I suspect that women are your fastest growing audience.  This is not the time to alienate us.

We've supported you for years, we'd appreciate a nod in our direction.


Kate D----
Toronto, ON.