Crossword Puzzles Talk to Steve

LorneWow - three words in common between my side-by-each crosswords: Oslo, Canoe and Aide. Whatever the Norwegian fur trader's assistant's message is, it's not for me, it's for Steve. I know this because of the New York Times' 5-Down. I cracked that much of the code.

Still though, three words. That's... more than two, anyway.

A Rare Two-fer

Ankaalda Some people (not to mention any names, Steve) have said that both "Anka" and "Alda" - as in Paul and Alan - are very common crossword puzzle words, and as such should be expected to show up in adjacent puzzles every once in a while.

To which I reply:  Both on the same day?  I don't think so, Dr. Smarty-pants.  I never thought I'd see the day when you started working for them.  Trying to cover up their nefarious plans.  Oh, Dr. Smarty-pants, when was it that you fell?  And if you are working for them then I can only assume that you are also responsible for the loss of my beloved purple pen which has been missing since this weekend.

Note: Allan (not Alda) seems to have felt a need to do his part of these puzzles in pencil.  As such, I cannot be held responsible for the reduced legibility of some sections of this image.  Plus, don't his "E"s look like squiggles?

Crossword Puzzles Speak to Me

Dogbiscuit I could do an entire blog on this one topic.  But I won't.

As way of intro let me tell you that everyday at lunch I run downstairs for mediocre food with my friend Allan.  And I buy a copy of the Toronto Sun. Those who know me, and know the Toronto Sun, will find this surprising.

It was Allan who introduced me to the Toronto Sun crossword.  It's way harder than the lame-ass one in the Star, and it works much like the New York Times - it gets harder as the week goes by.  (I think it's actually syndicated by the Tribune, but I don't know).

Anyway - something glorious has happened:  The Sun has started publishing two crosswords per day.  One that is like the New York Times Crossword, and one that actually is the New York Times Crossword.

Mondays and Tuesdays, I can rip through both of them on my lunch, easy peasy. Wednesday - things are getting tough - if I'm distracted or I don't have a full hour, I will only manage about one-and-a-half crosswords. Same with Thursday.  Friday, well - I don't like to talk about Friday.  Friday's New York Times crossword can take me until Monday to complete.

But that's not the point, that's just the background.  The point is that sometimes my crosswords have messages for me, and I've not deciphered the meaning yet.  Perhaps I don't have all of the pieces.

It began a couple of weeks ago, with dogbiscuits.  Now, what are the chances of two different  puzzles published side-by-side both containing the word "dogbiscuit"?  Slim, I'd say.  But it happened.  Click the thumbnail at the start of this piece, if you don't believe me.

Stay tuned for insights into Mexican food, Classic musicals and ancient civilizations.

An aside: Today's Sun had four pages of hockey coverage in the front section, about 10 pages of hockey coverage in the Sports section, and a special hockey pull-out section.  They even posted the standings.  The empty standings.  A table full of zeros.  How excited are we that hockey's back?  Pretty fucking excited.