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Just Deserts

I just purged my comments database.  There were over 110,000 comments in there.  My fault for being a year-long slacker?  Yes. I've jacked-up the security setting, we'll see if that stops the spam.

Why is this in the words category?  Because I'm wishing spammers would get their just deserts.  And if more than two people read this entry, I would be guaranteed an e-mail informing me that dessert is spelled with two Ses.  They would even tell me that I can remember it because dessert is yummy and you always want to go back for seconds.

These people and the most annoying kind of prissy spelling nazis.  They are the kind who are wrong, but spread their misinformation anyway.

Tell me, spelling nazi... how do you spell dessert in this sentence:  "One out of every 100 recruits deserts the armed forces." ? 

That's right.  Homophones are a bitch, aren't they?

And as for "Just Deserts", the deserts in question are NOT the final course to a meal. Deserts are what you deserve. Not what you desserve.

Don't believe me?  Google it.