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Wow, two entries in one day.

You know what I hate?  People who use four-leaf-clovers as symbols associated with St. Patrick. It's Shamrocks, you morons.  And it's a significant difference.  The whole freakin' point of the Shamrock thing in the first place was the fact that it has THREE leaves.

Now I know that your box of Lucky Charms has four-leaf clovers in it.  Here's a newsflash - it's a fucking breakfast cereal, dumbass.

Gastronomic Mono-Culture

Is that or is that not, the best phrase you've ever heard?

Gastronomic Mono-Culture.  When I first heard it I was so taken by it that i repeated it out loud.  More than once.

I was listening to the CBC during my drive home from work, and they were interviewing Taras Grescoe, a Montreal-based journalist who has just published a book called The Devil's Picnic: Around the World in Pursuit of Forbidden Fruit.


What I Learned

I learned that on Friday, when the nice man from whom I buy my newspaper gives me a candy with my change, if I say "Oh, those are my favourites!" then I get two candies.

A Joke for a Monday

What's large and grey and protects you when it's raining?