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Ash Wednesday is March 1.

Last year I gave up Diet Coke for Lent.

This year I am giving up taxis.

This should be interesting.

My Fridge

Guess what I found laying on its side on the very top shelf of my fridge (where I can't see things without bending right over)...

Egg Nog.

Belated Wishes

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.

Mine was fantastic, I hope yours was too.

My audience here is small, so I can say this: I love you all. My new friends and my old friends.

And my very old friends.



Dear Kate,

You bought your computer for Doom3.  Nothing much more taxing will be out for years. 

Your current video card is still a bit on the over-powered side. As is your entire computer.  You do not need an upgrade.  You really don't need a $650.00 upgrade that has as much memory as most of your friend's computers.