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A Survey

Well, I was tagged by Phil to do this little survey.  The thing with these surveys is that they're supposed to help people gt to know you.  Well, if I wanted people to get to know me, I'd be friendly and approachable.  Have any of you ever seen me be friendly and approachable?

Still - for Phil I'm prepared to make some stuff up and post it.

4 Jobs you have had in your life, In chronological order:

Digital Media Planner
Project Manager
Digital Marketing Manager
Communications Specialist
(that's a breathtaking list of meaningless titles)

4 Movies you could watch over and over:

Master and Commander
Blazing Saddles
Young Frankenstein
I can't think of any others.

4 Places you have lived:


4 TV Shows you love to watch:

My Names is Earl (Jason Lee is totally my boyfriend)
House, M.D.
That's it.

4 Places you have been on Vacation:

New York

4 Websites you visit daily:


4 of your favourite foods:

Fish and Chips
Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding
Chicken Tikka

4 Places you would rather be right now:

St. Petersburg
The cottage (in July, not January)
London (always)
New York

4 Bloggers you are tagging:

Meh. If you're looking for something to do, do this.

Ah Ha!

I found an extra "p" that we can use for "hampster".  It was hiding over here, in "raspberry", where it is quite clearly not needed.

Invisible P

What's up with the word "hamster"?  Seriously.

When you say it aloud, it's "hampster".  If you force yourself to pronounce it without the "p" you sound as artificial and pretentious as someone who insists on enunciating the middle "r" in February.

And just let me say this:  If I think that you sound pretentious then you must sound incredibly pretentious.

I think I'm going to start an underground movement to "Put the P in Hampster".


I used to laugh at people who called it World of Warcrack. And to be honest, I thought myself somewhat immune. After-all, being more of a first-person-shooter girl, it's not my sort of game and I hate the fantasy genre in general.

But, I fell victim to a pusher. And now, well... let's just say that it's not pretty.

I still have a job and a social life, and I get my errands done. But all my extra minutes are filled. All of them. Every last one of them. Plus I stay up too late.

And today I'm envious of Americans. Because it's MLK Day and the pusher and his friends are showing their respect for the dream by killing the Horde. And I'm stuck at work like a schmuck.

Tannenbaum II

Dear Christmas Tree,

Kindly disassemble yourself and get the hell out of my living room.

Yours most sincerely, Infamy

Everything I Touch (Turns to Shit)

Today is “Back to Normal Day”.  The holidays are officially over.  My bad luck (touch wood) seems to be over too.  It might be safe for me to talk about it, finally.